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About Us

We are Kick. A multi-national collective of DJs, turntablists, producers, sound engineers, musicians and most of all good friends who share a love of underground dance music.

Our station is our heartbeat and has been continuously live since 2009. We are non for profit and support the values that rave culture has brought us all: Diversity, Inclusion, tolerance and respect for all.

Heavy links to U.K. and Germany, but collaborators from many other countries (Belgium, US, Canada, France), across our DJ rota we have performed at many major dance events across the globe and have tracks signed to labels all over. Check out our DJ profiles for more.

We won’t attempt to list genres in our intro, as the hipsters will roll their eyes and so many of our DJs cross-over styles, but expect a journey across the whole sonic spectrum and we welcome you to join us in our evolution and help support independent online radio.

We are a non-profit, community-owned station with operational expenses for hosting our website and stream. Your contribution is highly valued as it helps us maintain our services and support the community. Every donation counts as we strive to keep Kick Radio going strong. Please give what you can to sustain our mission. Thank you for being a part of our journey!