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Eric Lee

Friday 22:00-00:00

Eric Lee now has over 3 decades of experience of being a DJ - even though it sounds like he's just woke up and is confused as to where the snooze button is

Countless years of parties, raves, club & bar nights and DJ sessions in the most varied of places have really taken their toll on his dwindling mental capacity.

Many say he is the future of dance music - shortly replaced by a younger, soulless, digital version with better technical skills.

His natural ability to scour the worlds musical output and source only the best new & eclectic tunes from across all genres and distil it down into a weekly two-hour show is the only thing that is keeping him from the realisation that the human race are rushing headlong into self-imposed oblivion.

Tune into his 'Generations' session every Friday from 10pm - now into its 16th year - and the thousands of other listeners who have also wondered just why........?

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