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Leigh Stone

Saturday 19:00-21:00

After I attended my first ever (legendary) Caister soul weekender (at the ripe age of 15) back in the late 80’s, I caught the DJ bug and started to learn the craft. I’d always listened to Hip-Hop with an affinity towards the more upbeat Street Sounds “Electro” releases, before having my eyes opened at Caister by the all-nighters in the Disco and Jazz funk rooms. At that time I was heavily influenced by the new soul mafia and the likes of Doug Osbourne, Giles Peterson and a very young DJ Harvey.

I lived in Cambridge at the time and was lucky enough to be there at the birth of Rave culture (which I believe was the next logical step up from the Rare Groove, Disco and Jazz funk being played at the weekenders.) along with the more down tempo Hip Hop being played on the streets. (KRS One / PE / Stet / Rebel MC / De La Soul etc)

So from 1988 everything else has been a bit of a blur…..

I do know that I’ve always remained (firmly) behind the scenes of a few well known warehouse raves , sound systems and club events as somebody that can play a solid Warm up (Fluffer!) or End of night (Graveyard) set, and, I’ve been happy to oblige and support some amazing acts over the years.

I don’t name drop or give credit to anyone that feels like they have to, or even sadder, those that feel they need to. (I grew out of that when I left the club scene) Anyone can be a DJ given the right set of tools, and a long enough timeline. Not anyone can master the craft, and I say that after nearly 40 years of practice.

Always the Bridesmaid Never the Bride!

I’m fine with that BTW.

Having always just mixed for the pure love of music I think there’s a certain satisfaction and confidence that you gather over the years to pick a selection that includes all of the key ingredients of a quality set that oozes, energy, melody and emotion.

I tend to play sets with a bit of an organic / progressive house vibe, with a few breaks thrown in for good measure.

YES! ….. I Know I also used to play a LOT of Techno. But not so much now. Although when the mood takes me, Who Knows?


DJ Harvey, TONKA Tom, DJ Jeno, Jools Butterfield, Giles Peterson, Norman H, Phil K, GuyJ, The Hartnoll Brothers, Chems, Sébastien Léger, Lee Burridge, King Unique, Hernan Cattaneo, Doug Osbourne, John Digweed, Matthew Dekay, Mark Ryder, Simon Shackleton, Eddie Richards, DJ Hype - and all of Phantasy 98FM crew, Kenny Ken! Stuart & David Banks, Liam Howlett, The New Soul Mafia.

Gosh ^ that ^ list is endless and by no means exclusive. Sorry to those I missed - (Not that you’ll ever read this.)

Fav Labels: Too many.

Anyway - I play some Saturdays 7-9pm. Others til I Fall over.

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